Get 15 Done For You Workouts That You Can Use Next Time You Are Short On Time or Have No Gym Equipment!
Luis Carrillo,
Founder of & Author of "15 No Excuses Workouts"
"Ever since I started working out there have been obstacles with time, not being able to go to the gym or simply getting bored & losing motivation.

That's why I created these 15 workouts:

So Next time one of those issues arises, you simply pull out this guide, pick a workout & get to work - No Excuses!"
About the "15 No Excuses Workouts" eBook

I know life gets on the way & that we can't always follow our workout plans to the letter, so that's why I created this small backup plan for you.

I call them 15 No Excuses Workouts & essentially these are 15 workouts that you can do next time one of these 3 issues arises:
 You Are Short On Time
 Don't Have Any Workout Equipment
 Are Bored With Your Workouts & Need a Challenge
So whenever an obstacle arises, just:

1) Pull out this guide
2) Pick a workout
3) Get the work done & move on with your day

Is that simple & if you want to get results you can't let lame excuses get in the way. Even if the workout isn't perfect or planned, doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Now let me show you what you get inside the eBook...

Here is what you get Inside the guide:
  • 5 Workouts for when you are short on time
  • 5 Workouts for when you have no or very little workout equipment
  • And 5 Challenge Workouts for when you get bored of your current routine or need a kick in the ass! (These are challenging but fun)
Here is a peek at the workouts:
Ready to Stop Making Lame Excuses???
So there you have it!

You get 15 No Excuses Workouts so next time you are about to make an excuse to not workout, simply pull out the guide & keep making progress.

The people who get results take action, even if it is imperfect. Those that don't simply wonder about what could happen if they did, but never actually make a move.

So What kind of person are you?

A) An Action Taker
B) A Dreamer

Make your choice.
Oh, so you really have no excuses this eBook is:
Yup, only $5

I really want to remove all barriers so you can experience what it feels to workout without excuses. I Can't make it any easier than that.
I Am Ready to Take Action!
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