My Bodyweight Bodybuilding Story
"I wish I did more Bodyweight Workouts sooner!"
Posted on November 29, 2012 
I got a little wild story for you guys today

6 months ago I dislocated my shoulder, had horrendous back pain & Lifting weights was always uncomfortable for me
"I was waking up with back pain everyday & at age 21 this was not fun
I was also depressed, super low in energy & was working 2 jobs that required me to always sit down which were not helping me be more mobile.

Because I always felt discomfort when training, I at one point thought that lifting weights was just not gonna happen anymore.
I was in trouble and needed to do something fast!… But did not know what
At this point in time my buddy Zach Even-Esh released a product called Bodyweight Bodybuilding

I almost dismissed it because in that time I did not care about muscle building or getting stronger, I just wanted to get rid of my pain!

I read the sales letter & to my surprise his story for just focusing on Bodyweight training resonated with me BIG Time
Zach had also suffered from chronic pain from years of heavy lifting & was in a similar situation like me

He too had pain ruining his life!
So with a dislocated shoulder, back pain & being low energy I got his product & put into action ASAP!

But I am not gonna hype anything up and tell you that my pain was healed right away after the first workout or anything like that, because it didn’t happen that way
So with a dislocated shoulder, back pain & being low energy I got his product & put into action ASAP!

But I am not gonna hype anything up and tell you that my pain was healed right away after the first workout or anything like that, because it didn’t happen that way
  •  I did the workouts & It was always a battle to do them because of my tightness, pain & messed up shoulder
  •  Pull ups were hard since I pretty much did all the work with one arm in the beginning
  •  But at the same time, the workouts were fun & challenging + giving my body a break from heavy weights felt awesome!
During this time I was also doing tons of stretching, mobility work, foam rolling & other weird stuff that I will later share with you, but I was feeling better!

My conditioning was improving from the all the running & circuits in the workouts and I was also getting an energy that I hadn’t felt in a long time!
The workouts looked simple on paper but once I actually did them, they always kicked my ass!
Here is the first & last workout I did in the program:
You can see I was able to do the bodyweight exercises with more ease on the last workout compared to the first one. 

As I did the workouts:
  •  Slowly my energy was increasing & my strength was going up
  •  2 months later I had better posture, more energy & my pain was reduced tremendously!
  •  Plus on top of this I also gained 10 pounds; 5 which were actual muscle!
Just look at the before and after pictures, apart from the size difference you can see I am much more energized & relaxed
I am not sharing this to brag or anything, but I wanted to show you how much impact bodyweight training had on my body

Just doing simple moves like:
  • Push Ups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  •  Pull Ups
  •  Handstands
  •  Leg Raises
  •  and Running Revived Me!
They fixed my broken body & forced me to strengthen my weak areas

I was not expecting the great amount of strength I gained
My core, shoulders & back got super strong from regularly doing handstands, pull ups & inverted rows
When it was time again to hit the weights after 3 months of just BW training I was able to lift more weight with better form

I don’t promote much products but having actually gone trough this program one I know it will help you if you put in the work

Specially if your in a similar situation like I was with pain & tightness all over your body + barely any equipment is required so you can do the workouts anywhere!

With that said I highly recommend you give Bodyweight Bodybuilding a go!

It will help you gain strength, build muscle & feel more energetic!

If anything I just hope you do a lot more bodyweight exercises in your training as they will get your back, core & shoulders strong, which will keep you healthy in the long term!

All of these BW exercises will help you lift more weight in the weight room, and who doesn’t like to lift heavier weight right?

So that’s it for today my friend, just wanted to share my story & hopefully it helps you if your in a similar position
Recommended Exercise Equipment

Pull Up Bar (for the door)

You can do all the workouts at a playground and use the bars there but if you wanna do at home workouts then this pull up bar is a must! 
Buy it on Amazon Here:
Pull Up Bar

Gymnastic Rings

I highly recommend wooden gymnastic rings. They aren't required for the program but doing dips, inverted rows, leg raises and pull up variations on the rings will force you to get stronger. Rings require a lot of stability so it will build up your core like crazy + you can take rings anywhere, hang them at the park or under a flight of stairs & you got a portable pull up station. 
Buy it on Amazon Here:
Gymnastic Rings

Ab Wheel or Furniture Sliders

Ab wheel roll outs are a constant on the program. I personally didn't use the ab wheel since I didn't have one so instead I used furniture sliders which are also fantastic for core exercises & really cheap. 
Buy Ab Wheel on Amazon Here:
Buy Furniture Sliders on Amazon Here:
Gymnastic Rings

Dip Station Bars

I did most of my dips on rings but having a dip station is really helpful. Optionally you can use 2 chairs to do dips or the corner of your kitchen. 
Buy it on Amazon Here:

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a constant conditioning exercise in the program so I recommend you get a good quality jump rope like this one. 
Buy it on Amazon Here:

64 oz. Hydroflask

You will need to drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep hydrated & speed up recovery. You can use any water jug or bottle but I really like Hydroflasks since they keep my water cold all day & the flask itself is very durable - mine still hasn't dented after dropping it so many times. 

I like the 64oz Hydroflask since you only need to drink 2 of those to drink 1 gallon of water a day. 

Buy it on Amazon Here:

Gym Chalk

Whether you are using your door frame pull up bar, rings or bars at the park your hands are bound to get sweaty & chalk keeps your grip strong at all times. 
Buy it on Amazon Here:
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